What do you think is the biggest attraction of folk music?

The best part about folk music is the stories in it. They tell us of the lives and ways of our ancestors and the things that makes us who we are as a people and also, help us imagine and open up our minds to a different world and time.

How would you describe your music to the audience who have never heard you before?

Our music is simple but melodious and rich in colour from the harmonies and stories, and never fails to touch a chord with our listeners.

Composing means putting together the beginning, the middle and the end and keeping the fluidity intact. What is the creative process like when you work as a team?

We all work differently but somehow, it all falls into place. We have a very democratic setup and whenever there is a disagreement, we put it to vote. We are fortunate to have guidance from our parents and close friends who give their inputs and make beautiful things happen. But we also listen to our gut instinct and do what our heart tells us inspite of what others may tell us sometimes.

What happens to your relationship with music when you mix genres? Does it change?

We love music as much as we love life. Of course, there are some genres we enjoy more and some we are just discovering, but we respect all kinds of music. As musicians, we love to explore but we end up getting more involved with the things we love more so there. But we are open to all kinds of music-related experiences. We have an intimate relationship with music and that stays the same even if we might not be listening to any music for some days at certain points of time.

How do you see the balance of music as a preserver and creator of culture?

Music is an effective way of documenting/recording life and propagating or popularising certain things as well. Things that can’t be spelt out can often be said through a song and find acceptance. Music can change, bind as well as create moods and magic.

Artefacting Khomia. 2011

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

We draw inspiration from life, music, culture, our family & friends, our experiences, people around us, nature and the world as we know it. We count our blessings each day and try to be a blessing to others as well.

The North East is known to produce some of the best music talents. How do you promote yourselves around India and the world?

Our USP has always been our music and how we present it to others. We have gotten where we are by hard work and word of mouth of people who have experienced our music. Nowadays, thanks to social media, we get to connect with many more talents, communicate and share with our fans and expand our reach as well.

Being siblings and working together is surely a dream come true but has there ever been a power/attention struggle among the four of you?

We do argue and quarrel but we are family so it doesn’t really change anything. With Azi’s motherhood, her priorities in life has changed but the music remains the same. We have always been a team and also, independent persons all our lives, so nothing has really changed. Sometimes, even only one of us has had to carry the mantle as the show must really go on so there is no question of a struggle amongst us. We are also a very democratic family, so no hierarchy exists. We really are a team working together all this time, and beautifully smooth thankfully.

Tetseo Sisters

What has been the most amazing experience so far?

It’s hard to pinpoint one occasion as the most amazing experience so far. Every opportunity to present our music is special, be it an audience of one or tens of thousands. We have had such a varied audience- ranging from school children to heads of states, and it is a humbling process everytime you get on stage. But to be able to introduce the Naga way of life to the world through our music and get paid for it, is a wonderful opportunity and we feel blessed everyday.

What’s next?

More music projects, more live shows, more collaborations with artistes we admire and to explore more opportunities for entrepreneurship in music, art and fashion from the North East and support such efforts.

This last section is separate for all of you keeping in mind your individual interests

Lulu: Tell us about your love for anime and how it all started? What are your plans after having studied medicine? Are you planning to pursue medicine?

I love reading books and comics and when I got introduced to Japanese Anime, I was hooked immediately. There’s so much art, creativity and reality in the fantasy creations so I simply adore it. As for my medical studies, I have always wanted to do something in medicine as I am a medical miracle myself and I want to help change people’s lives in a significant manner through my efforts. Of course, I intend to excel and practice in my chosen field, when I decide upon it. Soon.

Kuku: Your fashion blog mysaladdays features many known brands and you are doing amazing. Tell how you manage to run the blog along with the band tours.

Thank you. My life in music and fashion has taught me a lot about time management. I always try to make time for the two passions of my life in spite of the tight travel schedules and limited connectivity when on the road. My blog is an extension of my music and who am I as a person. It is a celebration of my life and the beautiful people and things that add value to the one life we all get. Through my blog, I got to meet many new people and also experience some amazing moments. just love my life and my blog shows it.

AziTell us about your transformation from a rockstar beauty queen to a mother of two and your decision to stay away from social media.

Motherhood is the best thing that has happened to me and I am truly fulfilled spending time with my sons. I value the private time I get to spend with my family and my boys and that has left me with not much time to stay active on social media but I am very updated on what’s going on with music and my sisters. I haven’t had the time to travel much since I had my boys, but I do give a lot of inputs to what my sisters are doing and I am always there in spirit, if not in person. And nobody can ever retire from music. Stage shows, maybe, but not from music or family. We discuss everything about oncoming shows and projects – the music, looks, costumes, collaborations, concepts, etc. My boys are also very musical already and they get all the previews.

Mercy: Is a book about the tetseo sisters secretly brewing in your mind? Tell us about how and when you discovered that you could weave poetry and prose.

There’s a lot cooking up there. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, even as a child and my scribblings are everywhere. But the major task is to put them together and put it out, eventually and I am not quite there yet but on the way for sure. Wish me luck and time.

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