How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard or seen you before?

High energy, garage rock with blues influences.

Why Skrat? Is that a homage to Ice Age? How did the name come about?

No one ever thinks their band is going anywhere to bother about naming it logically. None of us really had the faintest idea what to name it. Incidentally, we were watching Ice Age. Rest is history.

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Musically probably a collective of each members influences. The Ven diagram kinda connects at Foo fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails all the way to The Fumes, Deadweather, The Raconteurs and the likes.

Every musician has his own way of composing/writing. Every musician wants to say something to the world. What process do you go through and what elements do you consider when you sit down to write/compose a song?

The spark that starts off, the writing process could be anything a riff, a song idea, a feel or a thought process. We take these various things into a jam room and dish it out till the song reveals its identity. You can say a song is more discovery than invention.

Every video that you make is so perfectly crafted to suit the context of the song. How important do you think visual narration is to exactly articulate the meaning/emotion of a song?

The music speaks simply and has a very solid story line to its lyrics. Putting anything else in its place just doesn’t do it for us anymore. The overall experience and the connect the members and crew have for the music is paramount.

With each musical genre having such a rich history and diverse background, do you feel that music means something different to performers of different styles? How does this affect your work with different artists?

To try and figure out what music really means to someone is like entering a deep sea cave and losing your way till you go insane. On collaborating, you end up seeing a glimpse of it. Which is about the most one artist can take.

You collaborated with Farhan Akhtar & Vishal Dadlani, for the preview of the latest X­Men movie premiere on Star Movies. How did that happen? What was the experience like working with them?

We got a call with the offer and we accepted. Vishal is a genius, hook machine who started off, and still has one leg in indie music. He knows how to deal with a band like Skrat and really utilized us (with the lack of a better word) properly to fit with Farhan’s creative direction. It was a different process we weren’t used to. It was a learning experience.

As India is concerned in the music industry, financial situations are hard for a band and it seems people give up on the search for their dream. What do you think the dream for your band is and are you searching for it?

Keep money matters far away from the band. Only the Skrat organization gets any little spoils that we earn. It’s not much of a sacrifice when you see that it keeps everyone together because money can ruin the magic.

You also performed at Reading for an independent festival. What was the festival? How was the whole experience?

It was a quaint little festival on the banks of the Thames. Small crowd but such lovely people. No festival like we’ve ever played before or since. Gave us insight into how DIY / no sponsor indie scene is really done.

Do you feel marketing is important in shaping a band, or do you think good music is all it takes to break the wall?

I wish I could say the music is enough but, marketing, networking and aiding the “Scene” is important. We are all in the same boat. One tries to stand alone, the boat will rock and we all go overboard and die.

@NH7 Weekender, Delhi 2014
Photo Credit: Aditya Mediratta

At the end of the day, what do you hope listeners take away from your music?

A good vibe, some aching muscles and a story to tell their loved ones


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