Let’s start with an introduction, shall we? So, who are Seed of Changes?

Seed of Changes is a four – piece act comprising of founding member Arnav on Vocals/Guitars, Kelvin on Guitars, Chiranjib aka ‘Chiru’ on Bass and the newest addition to the family Hemand on Drums.

Can you narrate to us the inception story of the band?

Back in 2008, we started out as a college band, playing small gigs and competitions. It was more of a garage band back then but we were focusing on making our own music. Things actually kick started in 2013 when we started writing serious music with our then drummer/writer Prabigya. The idea was to create music which is lyrically strong and which touches the soul more than the mind. Since then, we have written over ten songs, released a studio single, gathered fans from all around the world and there has been no turning back.

How would you define your music as?

The music mostly revolves around rock but has elements from every other genre blended and bested to define our music.

Back in 2014, you guys came forth as the victors in The Hard Rock Rising contest, it must have been a big breakthrough. How would you describe that experience?

Yes. It was quite a breakthrough. We did not quite realise how big it was until we started receiving messages from all around the world. Although we did not make it to the international event by a mere ten votes, it was a wonderful experience.

Where do you derive your inspiration from to make music? Is it spontaneous or needs a “big bang” sort of experience?

The inspiration usually comes from everyday experience, a feeling or a thought and life itself. While most of them are spontaneous, some of them require a ‘big bang’ sort of experience. Well, it starts with a couple of lines being penned down and then humming a tune to it, everything else just revolves around it. Most of our songs are very personal and are written based on our personal experience. After all, music is all about expressing your feelings.

In a country like India where young bands are struggling for a foothold, what according to you are the poignant hurdles hindering the growth of upcoming/independent musicians?

In a country obsessed with Bollywood music, it’s quite difficult for independent artists to rise up and make a mark (unless you’re super rich and can throw lakhs on music videos and promotions). There are no proper promoters of independent music and upcoming bands face a lot of hurdles financially and eventually give up. Most of the venues don’t pay the artist and want them to play for free. This needs to change as even a little bit of money would push a talented artist far.

What were the struggles that your band faced initially or are facing to get it going?

The initial days were quite wild and reckless. We were at our prime (if you know what I mean). The jam sessions were long and sometimes would last for 8 hours. But like every other story, we had our ups and downs. The band was hit hard when some of the members decided to call it quits due to personal reasons. Since then, there were numerous addition to the band who were part of the journey. These were the tough days as none of us had a job or had a good financial background. The struggle was immense as there were days when we had to choose between food and music. We choose music obviously. But the passion and dedication was too strong to let it all go. Now, that we all have jobs and have enough money to sustain, we do not have time. But we hope this will soon cease to exist and give our full time to do what we love doing.

Do you think that the listeners play a vital role in the betterment of the musical scenario in India? How?

Yes, they do. These are the people that needs to support the artists by buying their music, merch, etc and also coming to their gigs. This will help the community to grow and sustain.

What are the changes you would like to witness/ contribute to the contemporary musical scenario?

The contemporary scene is growing right now. We are happy to witness so many wonderful artists emerging out and would like to contribute to it in any way possible. The first step would be by going to their gigs and supporting them.

Reckoning the fact that you all are not full-time musicians, how do you keep the camaraderie going when it comes to creating music together? Do you face polar idea clashes or is it like four bodies and one soul in sync?

Although we are not full-time musicians most of us have a music degree or have been playing for over a decade which makes things a lot easier. Of course, there are clashes as every member brings in a different flavour. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some parts for the other, but that’s what a band is all about. It’s about sounding good together.

Are there any upcoming projects that your listeners should anticipate?

Yes, currently we are working on a new track and hoping to release it soon. This is one of the newly written tracks and we are really excited about it.

Is there a message you wish to deliver to the audience through your music?

Well, there are hidden messages in all of our songs. You have to decipher it using the correct decoder and you will find cryptic messages all around. Naah!! Just kidding. Spread love and work for peace.

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