For readers who are only just discovering your music, tell us a bit about Run! It’s the Kid.

Run its the Kid is a 4 member band formed in 2013. Shantanu and I have been jamming and writing songs since 2011, but we finally got a bass player (Danik Ghosh) and drummer (Bhairav Gupta) in mid- 2013. Before this album (released on 29th Feb, our first), we had recorded 1 ep and 4 singles up until late 2014 but didn’t release anything. We only play original music and we’d love to be endorsed by Gibson because Shantanu and Danik need guitars :)

Who or what are your inspirations?

Mainly it’s listening to music & other musicians and writing music.

Given the fact that you describe your music as ” moody waltz “, do you feel that there is any impact good or bad of music on the way we feel, act or behave?

For me, music kind of reinforces more than influences what I feel, the right music for the right mood. There’s some solace in knowing that someone is going through the same kind of shit in life and they’re articulating it. Could have a bad impact on some people I guess.  Also it’s moody from our end but, I don’t think there’s any rule of thumb cause I have friends who are serious metalheads and they’ll mosh all day but they’re the sweetest and calmest people I know.

How do you go about composing your music? What are the struggles that you have to deal with?

Mostly either Shantanu, or I, or both of us together write the song, and then the whole band writes their parts and we arrange it together. Not struggles really but just things we don’t agree on but at the end of it mostly we’re all happy. Hmm, Not being able to write the lyrics in one go I guess, periods of lack of inspiration and writers block which lasts for months at times. When you think you’ve written a good song, doing justice to it, lyrically, melodically, harmonically, etc. I’ll give you an example, on our album Love, we’re made from Porcelain is my favourite song and I think it turned out good but, I don’t think we did justice to the song, but that’s only me, my mates may disagree.

Music for music’s sake or music for life’s sake?

Music for everything’s sake. At least for me, I don’t think I can or would want to do anything else ever. That’s lame I know.

You guys released your debut album on leap day this year. Tell us a little bit about it.

We recorded the album in Kolkata with Miti Adhikari at Blooperhouse studios. We recorded 10 songs, almost everything live, in 7 days. We figured that going to a different city and recording the album will be good for us since back home in Delhi all of us have other shit to do, so we can just record the album without worrying about anything else. We were actually supposed to put it out much before we did but things kept going not our way, then after doing some planning we decided to release it on 29th Feb. Some of us thought it was a cool day to do it but Shantanu didn’t think it was special.

Modern genres like EDM, House and Trance music keep getting popular. Are you a fan of those kinds of music? How do you feel about the impact of such genres in the music industry?

I like some electronic music but, mostly I’m not a fan. We have no influence on what people will like. All we can do is make the music and put it out there and hope some people will like it and tell their friends. I don’t know how I feel about it but I guess electronic artists and DJs are easier logistically for both parties.

What do you feel distinguishes an artist from a musician?

Well, a person could know 4 chords on the guitar and a guitarist would say you don’t know shit but that person writes beautiful lyrics and composes a song. I’d say that is art, and the guitarist is a musician. However, there’s a fine line cause a musician could be an artist and vice versa, but most importantly I think art is about expressing true and honest emotions.

Is there any message you are trying to convey through your music?

Not really a message. It’s just about a bunch of stuff.

What message would you like to give to aspiring musicians?

Listen to a lot of music and write songs I guess.

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