Imagine you are standing in a class full of children who have never seen you before. How would you introduce yourself and explain what you do?

This question gave me a train of thoughts. Children define people in a simple way. I could say I’m musician or a composer but for children it could be as boring as it sounds. I think when we try to name things, it puts us in bounds. I have asked myself many times who I am, there were always a lot of different answers. I don’t like to call myself a professional, or show pictures of myself, or give you my proper bio… You may wonder why?. Its because I could be anyone you might or might not know. I wish to be much more than “an ordinary man” with some job. 

You are an independent musician and also compose music for other projects. How do you maintain the balance between both?

With time, I have changed my mindset when it comes to that issue. The balance was nearly impossible to keep up between those two. My SoundCloud project became more than I’ve ever expected. I feel so grateful to my audience, community, and to stereo-mood team for giving me such an opportunity to grow. I will never forget that. Now I can live my dream, and work as a soundtrack composer as a full-time job. I still have a place for my own music though, it is like a nest for emotions and experiences. It always grows with every day. I want to see that like a memory of a time that has passed. 

Your beautiful and quite music often express very much without any words. We would love to know from where you draw your inspiration.

I think I draw inspiration from nature; from the sound of waves in the ocean, silence of the wind and the echo of the forest. Organic sounds from the orchestra bring us back longing of our origins. Imagine music as a mirror, which reflects your inner soul. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting evolutionary processes, that we can ever experience. When you can identify yourself with the soul of music, emotions from happiness to sorrow can be experienced.


How would you describe a typical day in your life?

My life is quite progressive. Every month seems to bring new habits, passions. I love making research, seeking knowledge about the world, its psychology and science. I like to call myself minimalist, but I admire surrealism in art. I can feel how my life has become a tidy chaos. There is always something to do, something to progress with, something to get lost into. Everyday of my life is a desire to experience stories, art, emotions. When it comes to activities,I’m try to keep up with my work, which is mostly in front of my computer.

In your every composition, there is a feel of silence or void. How do you connect with that silence?

Silence is opposite to modern music – really. For our ears, louder tracks sound just better. This phenomenon is commonly known as “the loudness war.” It’s worth googling that out.
I love to experience the sound of silence, afterall music is the silence betwee the notes. Just listen, there is always music around you.

What is the reason you chose the other name “Shyprince” and how does the name reflect?

I always felt like I’m in some way related to the novel of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry called “The Little Prince”. I was like a fox, shy and in need to be tamed, but at the same time I wish I was a the little prince, who could see beyond his eyes. Time brings value to it. Now that I’m grown up, I don’t need to hide in the background anymore. I can support those people who are there to come up with the brave.

What should we look forward to in the future from you?

I’m currently busy establishing my own company. Once I will be done with paperwork, I will hit the bigger productions. I can reveal that I’m in contact with India’s Film Industry. I love to work with other artists. I am looking for talented photographers, instrument soloists, vocalists, and movie directors. I feel like cooperation could be a big step to progress. If you feel that your work has an impact, influence on culture, please don’t hesitate share your thoughts with me. Also, I hope to collect some of my work and send them on YouTube, I really wish to share it with the bigger audience. Give it a chance.
Finally, I’m still looking for my dream. On one hand, it’s more than I have expected, but I miss some sense of calmness. Every move takes so much time and effort, which makes me uneasy. My music is supposed to be out of bounds, entirely wide and free.

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