You are a pioneer of the Italian underground music scene. How is the Italian underground music scene different than the rest of Europe?

It is now 21 years that I left Italy, I work and live in London UK, where I produce bands and solo artists from my recording studio (Metatron Studio London) and release music on my label Sub Signal. I produce all my own albums too, but for this I need bigger structures so I’m signed with bigger labels. I don’t really now how the Italian underground scene is at the moment, I took my decision to leave my native country more than two decades ago simply because I felt the need to uplift my music to an international audience.

You have been a part of the music industry for 30 years. You have forayed into punk, world, electronica,reggae, and dub. Was this a natural evolution on your part? How would you describe your transition over the years?

I feel I am an artists in constant evolution, since my childhood I always been an “explorer”, after having studied classical piano for several years I felt the need to explore other music alley, searching for “unconventional” sounds, find originality, find MY originality! This is what I’m still doing 35 years later. I love music in its totality, from classical to punk, from reggae to extreme electronica, from rock to avant-garde.. but it has to be good music!

What do you feel distinguishes an artist from a musician?

A good trained musician can play an instrument divinely without problems, reading a music score as it was breathing, with an incredible precision and immaculate performance. An artist often doesn’t necessarily need to be trained, art is a different type of impulse, a bit more instinctive and less calculated in my opinion it is good having a bit of both ;-)

You are a musician, a composer, a record producer, a songwriter, and a singer. How do you handle so many things? What are the challenges or struggles that you deal with?

I breath music, I eat music, I speak music, I make love with music, I dream music, I talk to my music, I cry with music, I laugh with music, I am music. I never asked to myself if I am a musician or record producer or artist or whatever. I only know that music for me is the most natural thing I’ve been accompanied by since the day I was born.

More and more people are into downloading music rather than buying original copies. What are your thoughts on that?

I personally still love buying physical music products, particularly vinyls. I am not necessarily against the free downloading, but you have to have enough sensibility to buy the original if you like that “free product”. This is what we were all doing in the 80’s when we were listening to albums recorded on cassette, then if we liked them we’d definitely buy the full original LP on vinyl. Now, after more than three decades, I’ve managed to keep pretty much all my record collection of vinyls from the 70s, 80’s and 90’s, about 2,000 pieces.

Your music is quite familiar in Bollywood, your music being featured in at least two movies ? What are your thoughts on Bollywood music?

Yes my music also featured on a few Bollywood movies and theater plays, including “Rog” by Pooja Bhatt, “Fareb” by Deepak Tijori, “My Beautiful Laundrette” by Hanif Kureishi” to mention a few. I love Bollywood music when it’s well written and well produced, there is a lot of very very good stuff out there!

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your lives have taken?

Lets say that I helped my life to follow the right natural direction (what does it mean right?, it means nothing really, your life is always in charge), but I had the luck since when I was a kid to know what I wanted to do in life, so I always “directed” my life towards it.

Music for music’s sake or music for life’s sake?

I am just an humble musician and not a philosopher, essayist or psychologist, so I can’t really give you an answer on that, every opinion on this matter would be too subjective and individualistic.

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

I think that creativity is not necessarily related with work as you stated in your question, but is something that comes naturally, then it is entirely up to you if you wanna transform it into work, creativity is an amazing gift. When your is mind is free it certainly helps in the first phase of your creative impulse, but then I think you need to embrace the essence of the first input and think, make it work and transform it in something tangible and concrete. That’s what I think.

Do you feel music is about revolution or revelation?


What message would you like to give to aspiring musicians?

Well, perhaps to try to be as much original as you can, not to copy other already established artists, otherwise in this case you will always be his ‘number two’”!

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